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John and Karen Purnell franchisee testimonal for Trophy Pet Foods


We are Karen and John from Warminster, Wilts. We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to choose Trophy. This is our first business venture and we know it is a winner. We have 350+ returning customers at the moment.

Karen has a full time job and works part time with Trophy. She uses her expertise in customer service and stock control to great effect. I do the delivery and sales side. I love meeting people and animals so my part is easy. What makes it easier is the food. It really does sell itself once you put a few basics into place. I honestly believe, having done what seems like a hundred taste tests and compared all the ingredients, that there is no better food on the market.

I come from an admin background and Karen is the general manager at an Importers. So you don’t need any direct selling experience. A love of animals and a desire to see them thrive on the best food around is one of the main qualities you need. We are very big on customer service and have an ordering system that reflects this. We are always on hand to answer any customer questions about their pets, the only time they get an answer machine message is on a Sunday.

We believe in doing the hours that are required to keep the business moving forward. You will lose some of your spare time, as in any business, but you will find it is worth making the odd sacrifice. When we started we seemed to work every weekend and every conversation seemed to be about Trophy and the best way to do things. However we now feel the ground work has been done and it is now a question of improving on the numbers of customers. Last year we had a lot of customers from doing local shows and canvassing. This year we have more customers from referrals which confirms to us that the systems we have set up are working.

What could be nicer than setting off in your van every day going to meet animal lovers and their pets and making money at the same time?

All the best from John & Karen Purnell
Trophy Warminster

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