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Who are the Business Doctors and what makes them so successful?


Release date: 23-Aug-2016

On Tuesday 16th August, we spoke to Business Doctors’ co-founder Rod Davies who featured in our Hangout on Air programme. Rod is an expert in franchising and spoke about who the Business Doctors are and what makes them so successful.

Business Doctors is a support network dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses fulfil their potential. If you think this is the franchise for you, you can request contact with them directly by clicking here.

We asked Rod to give us a little bit of background on how the Business Doctors franchise came about and what makes them so successful.

“I’ve been in various business positions over the last 35 years, as has my co-founder Matthew. When we started Business Doctors in 2004, we saw an opportunity for people who had business experience to use that knowledge to help SME owners. We identified that if you are a business owner, it can be quite a lonely place – particularly if you need help with the business.

For business owners there are two main areas to go to if you need business help:

  1. One of the big-four accountancy companies – who will send in a 28-year-old with an MBA who has never run a business and will charge you an arm and a leg
  2. Or you used to be able to go to the bank managers who worked in the business sector – but of course [David] Cameron got rid this way because it was ineffective.

When we started Business Doctors we saw this gap in the market and decided to act on it. In the last 6 years, the 40 people we have working within Business Doctors are all absolutely passionate about helping businesses. Using their experience that they’ve gained over 20-30 years in the corporate world, they are able to help SMEs to develop their businesses.

What has made us successful is that we take a very holistic approach to an SME. A lot of our clients have lost their “mojo” and need that spark but back into their business. When a Business Doctor goes into a business, they will take a step back and evaluate what needs to be done. They will then spend the time working on the business with the clients. You cannot keep sticking plasters over individual issues.

A lot of our clients have issues with sales, marketing, people, or finance. In the SME world all of these things are interconnected. Our holistic approach to the business is refreshing and a new take on the SME world – which is one of the reasons our franchisees are so successful!"

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