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On the scent of OSCAR


Release date: 20-Apr-2017

Catherine Rudman decided her new business venture and her family connection with NSARDA (National Search and Rescue Dog Association) - sponsored by OSCAR Pet Foods - was going to be a perfect combination.

"Having given up teaching ten years ago to be at home with my family, it made sense to have a business that would fit around my lifestyle. As a trained florist, it was my decision to be self-employed, and it worked well until deadlines and special occasions became a pressure I could not manage alone.”

Catherine says, “Feeling more unsettled, it was my local franchisee who suggested OSCAR as a business opportunity. I did not hesitate to follow up and carried out my own Internet research as I could also see this product fitting nicely around my family connection with dogs. This led on to a discovery meeting and the experience of spending a day with a franchisee, which was enough for me to decide that OSCAR was made for me!

“Jake, our Labrador Retriever, was already enjoying OSCAR food while in training to become a search and rescue dog. My husband, James, is Jake's handler, and now as a fully qualified volunteer for NSARDA Jake receives his food via OSCAR's sponsorship scheme. We are committed to ensuring Jake remains in peak condition - feeding high quality food is vitally important due to the stamina required for his work.

“I invested in a new start-up area and the initial training was a great place to meet everyone and gain an all-round insight into the business. Back-up support from Head Office was and still is perfect, and regular visits from the business development team have been great for confidence building.” Catherine goes on to say, “I'm not a sales person but I've quickly discovered how the products sell themselves and direct contact with customers is an important learning curve.

"Being part of a franchise is so different from my previous self-employment. I now have my own business in a large network with discussion forums, and connections with neighbouring franchisees offers additional support. The flexibility of the OSCAR franchise has enabled me to promote and develop my invaluable service around home life, which was an important factor from the outset.”

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