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Introducing Surface Medic: The state-of-the-art repair service franchise


Release date: 15-Mar-2017

Surface Medic is an ultra-low overhead business allows you to work from home in your local area, and to enjoy a better work life balance. The Surface Medic franchise is an extraordinary income opportunity, with realistic take home earnings of over £40,000 in just the first year.

Find out more about the fast-growing franchise Surface Medic and what the franchise opportunity has to offer. Watch the video below and discover more about this state-of-the-art repair franchise.

What in the Service Medic speciality in its market?

Surface Medic is a state-of-the-art repair and restoration service. Basically, we can repair anywhere there is a hard surface and we’re a one stop solution of many industries out there. Rather than the traditional replacement service, our business is designed to offer a one stop solution for repair – whether that’s for chipped tiles, damaged wood floors, ceramic sinks, as well as many others. As we are repairing rather than replacing, there are massive savings to be had for our clients – particularly in the commercial world.

How does Surface Medic provide its services and what is the opportunity for franchise investors?

Our franchisees carry out the work for our clients once they have completed our training course. We have two types of clients at Surface Medic. We have the commercial market which includes hotels, leisure, caravan parks, construction, and new build properties. The other type of client is the residential market so there is quite a wide client base for our franchisees.

What I particularly like about the franchise is that it is a ‘need’ product instead of a ‘want’ product. So regardless of the economic climate, this business will thrive because clients will always be looking to save money and we offer that solution.

What is the profile of the ideal Surface Medic franchisee?

There are a few main things that I look for as the Franchise Recruitment Manager and the first one is are you TOO entrepreneurial? Are you able to follow someone else’s business model? If you aren’t able to then franchising may not be for you. However if you are willing to follow a model that has been proven, tried and tested, and successful then here it is!

I also look for people with customer-facing skills and abilities. This doesn’t necessarily mean people with a big sales background but people who are personable and can deal with a range of different clients.

Another really important factor that I would take into account is whether or not you fit in with our Surface Medic family. It’s important that you come to Head Office and meet the team and we usually figure out in a couple of weeks whether we’re a good fit.

And lastly, you don’t necessarily need to have any particular DIY skills as our training will teach you how to do everything you need to do for the business.

What is the best way for anyone that is interested in Surface Medic for their future career's to find out more?

At Surface Medic we have a really vigorous recruitment process which starts with an initial telephone call with myself and I will book in a time that suits you to have a look at your background, your aspirations and skillset. During this chat we can see if there is an initial fit and if we think Surface Medic would be appropriate for your goals.

After this chat, we will invite you to come along to one of our Discovery Days at the Head Office. The reason for this is because you need to come and see the business, how it works, and the kind of things you will do on a daily basis. Also during the Discovery Day you will be able to meet the team, set up chats with franchisees, and we will be able to put you on to our recruitment process.

The Discovery Day is only a couple of hours long and we’ll make sure to put the kettle on and bring a few biscuits out! We also encourage you to bring your spouse, partner or friend along with you so you will also have that second opinion.

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