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How to be a successful franchisee


Release date: 30-Nov-2017

ActionCOACH is the World’s Number 1 Business Coaching Franchise. By becoming a franchise partner with them, you’ll be invited to a world of knowledge, experience and an exclusive and guaranteed business model. This video is ideal for anyone considering investing into a franchise and wants to find out more from someone who has first-hand experience.

How did you manage the selection process?

It started with me having an objective, I was in consulting and I wanted to get into coaching because it had a broader marketplace. I started researching the coaching world and the players in it. I then began talking to the different players and getting to know them. The more people you talk to, the more layers of information you get.

What was your management process for going through layers of information?

My approach was to act as a potential customer of a coaching business and look at the market place to see who as a customer would serve me the best. I analysed the advertising of various coaching franchises, some of which I related to. I then contacted the ones I was interested in to see how the responded to a potential customer. My view point is that if I am dealt with professionally as a customer then that organisation is a professional organisation. The better the franchisor was advertising and dealing with me, the more positive I was towards that franchisor.

Were your first conversations with the franchisee or the franchisor?

A bit of both, I quickly got curious and called the franchisor. I knew at some point the franchisor would give me some referees and be able to talk directly to the franchisees. Once I narrowed down the two or three I wanted to talk to, I then rang the franchisor and got invited to an interview which was the start of their selection process.

How did you approach the franchisor? What response did you look for?

I made the approach based on how they asked the approach to be made on their communication. Most of the contact details needed are on their website, I think in most cases you phone first.
I was looking for how fast and professional the response was. The two or three I went to go see, the response was pretty fast and very professional. First impressions are important, so I judged a lot in those first interactions with the franchisor.

What types of interactions did you expect? 

The most valuable interactions were the verbal ones, because I was looking for an organisation that was a good cultural fit for me. The verbal interactions were much more powerful for me. I spoke to people on the phone, I went to see them and met them face to face. If you join a franchise organisation you are probably going to be working with them for years, it is best to like them and a good cultural fit with them.

What were you looking for in your selection? How did you manage the process yourself?

Firstly I had a load of things that I wanted to know myself, so I went armed with a lot of questions. I also played dumb, because I wanted to know how they presented the information they were going to give me and how I would be handled. Everyone I spoke to was very professional and they handled it in different ways. The different ways that they handled it gave me an insight into how they work. One thing I would recommend to people would be to go and see three or four franchisors, because without comparing you don’t have a reference point.

What was the difference that made you choose ActionCOACH over the other ones that you visited?

There were two things. Firstly I think their model is better, the way that they approach the market and the product itself was a better product. Secondly I like the culture within the franchisee community. I found that all the franchisees that I spoke to were all very positive people and willing to share their experiences warts and all. I probably chose on franchisees rather than franchisor. I am supportive of the franchisor, he is great.

What were your expectations? How did you manage your own fears?

In terms of expectations, one of the primary ones is ‘Is this something I am going to enjoy?’ and secondly ‘Can it meet my financial objectives?’. The fears were probably about how real is this market, are people succeeding in this market and is the support structure there to make me successful. I think the most important part is looking for evidence of all those things. The evidence for most people is in speaking to people that have done it.

How did you come to the decision that you would be able to enthusiastically apply the proven process offered to you by ActionCOACH?

I had alot of self confidence in my ability to deliver the product. The biggest thing for most franchisees is do they have the marketing system that allows you to acquire the clients. For a lot of franchisees, it is not the technical ability of the franchisees to do the job, it is more do they have the brand and the marketing system to get them up to the level of sales. I was looking at their marketing systems, how they worked and looking for evidence that this marketing system would give me X clients in X amount of time. The difference between going independent or buying a franchise is risk and how fast can I get to a sales level.

What impressed you about ActionCOACH that pushed you to join them rather than another franchise?

They clearly had a well worked out system. The sales process has many different steps, each of those steps was backed up by good collateral. They also have their own marketing organisation which you can use, they have a lead generation mechanism as well as outsourced suppliers that do lead generation. Frankly, the support system was there and there were multiple levels of lead generation systems. Franchisees can pick the ones that suit them the best. That is what impressed me the most.

What is your experience to date? Are you achieving or exceeding what you set out to do?

Much to my surprise I am exceeding what I set out to do by reasonable margin, so I am super happy with my first year with ActionCOACH.

What are your best tips for people who are looking at making that transition into franchising?

The first point is to really understand the market that you are going into. No matter which sector you are looking to go into, make sure you really understand how they work.

Secondly, research the market. Research all the franchisors in the market thoroughly and go see as many as possible. Understand not only their business model, but the culture and make sure that your culture fits that of the franchisor. Make sure you do your due diligence, speak to as many franchisees as possible. If possible also speak to the customers, so you get as much information as you like.

I think with most successful franchises, you get as much as you put in. So providing that the culture works, that market works and you are right for the franchise it is going to work for you.


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