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Build a successful care franchise with Avant Healthcare


Release date: 10-Oct-2017

Avant Healthcare is part of an industry that is currently worth £20 billion and continuing to grow. As our population continues to age, and as advances in medical care help those with health conditions live longer, the need for high-quality care and support services is only going to increase.

For driven, compassionate people, this is a wonderful opportunity to build your own business, with comprehensive support from true experts in the care sector. Your opportunity to become part of a UK-owned franchise network.


Why did Avant Healthcare choose the franchising method to grow and develop their business model?

Having been involved over the years in a number of national franchise businesses and copmany owned offices, I could see that there is a distinct difference between what an owner operator can bring to the business as opposed to a company owned manager. The health and social care market requires certain values of the owner, those values in my experience are best found in a franchisee.

What is the profile of someone who should contact you about becoming a franchisee with Avant Healthcare?

Franchisees come in all shapes and sizes, but there are some basic values that we would be looking for. Obviously commercial skills, to be able to manage and understand the intracacies of running a business. We are looking for someone primarily with family values and the ability to care, someone who wants to put something back into the local community. The reason why the care franchise works, it gives someone an opportunity to repay and put things back into the sector.

In summary someone with family values, a caring attitude and someone that has commercial aptitude.

What are the key attributes Avant Healthcare are looking for in a franchisee?

As far as the care sector is concerned, attention to detail is very important, the ability to follow things through, the ability to provide empathy when dealing with individuals and overall someone who will be able to demonstrate people management skills.

When somene joins you as a franchisee, what is most important when someone takes on a franchise?

What the experts at AvantHealth have developed over the last 20 years is a model. That model is enabling us to deliver a quality service within the confines of the legislation to operate within the sector. We do want people to follow our model, it is secure, it does not breach legislation and the policies and procedures that we have to have are already thoroughly tested and approved. If someone has the mindset to listen and follow the model, we are very confident that they would be able to develop a successful care business. They key thing is the model.

How do you see the market in the future and how do you see that for AvantHealth and its franchisees?

Anyone that is researching the health and social care market, cannot fail to see the potential that exists. People talk about a £20 billion market, if you look at the social economic and demographic data that is available we are living longer as a popoulation, medical science is improving greatly, more people are looking to remain independently in their own home. As a recession proof sector, I don't think you could get any better than the health and social care market over the next 20 years.


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