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Platinum Property Partners



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"Joining Platinum Property Partners"

Julia Matthews, a part-time marketing professional from Wiltshire, joined Platinum Property Partners in March 2017.

"Chris Dumas shows us his first PPP HMO project"

In this article, Platinum Property Partner, Chris Dumas, shows us around his first House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

"Life after Platinum Property Partners"

Ten years ago, Gary and Sally Bassett decided to take control of their lives. They had children starting university, parents who needed caring for and jobs.

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Platinum Property Partners

Platinum Property Partners (PPP) enables both novice and seasoned property investors to build a sustainable and profitable property portfolio. Since being established in 2007 by entrepreneur Steve Bolton, PPP has shown phenomenal growth, recruiting more than 300 partners who operate in 200 towns and cities across the UK. Together our Partners now own a property portfolio of almost 700 HMOs that exceeds £200 million in value.

PPP has developed a tried and tested system that maximises rental income from specialist buy-to-let shared housing for young professionals. The model generates 40% higher returns than traditional buy-to-let rental properties and produces a lifelong income stream that:

- Replaces or supplements salary
- Provides a rewarding addition to standard pension provision
- Benefit from long-term capital growth
- Creates a substantial inheritance for future generations

We are the world’s first property investment franchise and a full member of the British Franchise Association (bfa).

Why join us?

-Build your own specialist buy-to-let business where you own the assets for life.

-Minimise the risks involved in property investing and avoid making mistakes with a tried, tested and proven model that consistently generates excellent returns.

-Receive continued training, coaching, mentoring and support from a team of more than 50 professionals (including specialist mortgage brokers, accountants, solicitors, lettings, renovation and negotiation experts) to ensure you succeed.

-Earn up to three times as much rental income as standard buy-to-let properties, as well as benefit from capital growth, and earn an income for life.

-Achieve a better work life balance, boost your retirement income and create a legacy for your loved ones.

-Join a like-minded community of more than 250 Partners who are all willing and able to help each other succeed.


What our partners say?

Our Partners’ property portfolios achieve an average return on investment of 15%. After paying all costs (mortgage, bills, maintenance and voids), an average property will generate over £17,000 gross profit per annum from rental income alone – with capital growth as an additional bonus. And, because they own the assets and their business, their income keeps coming in even after their commitment to PPP has expired. While they may all come from a variety of backgrounds and industries, all of our Partners have one thing in common – they subscribe to the PPP philosophy – to be more, do more, have more and give more. They want to change their lives for the better.

Here some of their testimonials:

“I would never have achieved this level of financial security if I had stayed within the corporate environment, paying each month into an underperforming pension. Now, not only do I have a healthy monthly income, I am also building significant capital by redeveloping properties.” Mike Anderson, Manchester.

“When I joined PPP my five year goal was to be earning £100,000 per annum, but after just about three years I was already earning approximately £126,000 per annum. That's now nearer £150,000 per year so I feel a great sense of achievement.” Gertie Owen, London.

“Linda and I are enjoying more time together while giving something back; we’ve found a way to address the balance between input and return and are enjoying all the personal and financial rewards of running our own business.” Linda and Paul Cronin, Bracknell.

What’s involved for you?

In order to be considered as a potential Partner, you will need in excess of £300,000 to £500,000 of investment capital. This amount will depend on your investment location and the size of the property portfolio you want to build. These funds can come from various sources including cash, equity in your own home and other investments. In some cases, pension funding, and/or wider family assets can be utilised. You may also consider investing alongside someone else.

Your funds will be needed over time so is not all required up front, but must be accessible within about a two year period. Typically 75% of property purchase prices can be secured via mortgages on favourable funding terms. Mortgages are of course not essential if you have sufficient funds of your own, but they do allow you to build and own a larger portfolio, which will generate a higher return on investment.

You must also be willing to commit to a minimum of a seven year partnership, in which time, most Partners create their own profitable business with a minimum of four PPP properties, delivering a lifelong annual income of between £50,000 and £150,000.

Find out more by filling out the contact request form below.

What do you have to invest?

Financially, you will need in excess of £300,000 to £500,000 of investment capital. These funds can come from various sources including cash, equity in your own home and other investments. In some cases, pension funding, and/or wider family assets can be utilised.

Partners are required to make an upfront investment and ongoing monthly costs which can vary depending on membership term and individual goals.

The franchise fee and ongoing monthly payments enable us to provide you with the best expert advice, guidance, training and support. It also allows us to negotiate special products and services with suppliers that enhances the profitability of your property portfolio. This is a significant investment and we are delighted that our Partners say that they could not have achieved the same returns if they were to go it alone.

Build your own successful business with a proven and tested business model

The financial model which underpins PPP is quite complex but consistently generates excellent returns. If the overall proposition is of interest we urge you to apply to come to one of our Discovery Days where the model is explained in detail and you have the opportunity to meet existing Partners who have already successfully developed their own businesses.

We have developed a tried and tested model of investing in buy-to-let property that gives people like you income for life.


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