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How to integrate social media into building sales

August 31st, 2017 by Joel Caws in Franchise Marketing

How to integrate social media into building sales

In today’s world everyone is connected and everyone can publish. Gone are the days when business controlled media. Distant is the memory when all queries, enquires and complaints were managed by the company’s phone systems and personnel.  Ideas Cloud

It can therefore seem ever more challenging to gain connection with buyers for the business owner. We need to understand that to some extent the rules of advertising and conversation engagement have changed. So what has changed and what must the business owner do to build sales in the social media connected age?

What has changed?

    We are all publishers now

    Business advertisers do not control the conversation

    All publishers need to consider the needs and interests of their existing and prospective clients

    Content created and published is the start of the conversation not an open and closed tablet of information

    On-line engagement must go beyond the application form

What must business do to build sales in the social media age?

Firstly advertising is not a mistake. Advertising is a great way to create opportunity and product awareness. It can also provide understanding of what it on offer, who should be interested and outline what benefits are available that can improve the buyer’s experience.

This is the awareness stage. Increasingly people that see and read adverts look for further information. Your own website and social media comment and ratings are increasingly sources that are visited before a new client is won. The would be client is therefore looking for understanding and confidence that can be gained from the experience of strangers – think TripAdvisor. Increasingly social media is being used for manging client conversation and support.

What can you do?

    Ask your clients what research they did before becoming a client?

    Document their pre-buyer journey 

    Ask about how they use the internet to validate companies, products and services in general

    Identify where advertising and social media come into that journey over all

    Consider how print, advertising and social media can be harnessed to provide evidence of happy clients

    Revisit your marketing journey and review your engagement options

    Add social media to provide evidence of what your company offers and real lives it has improved

    Offer incentives for your clients to share the value you provide to their own networks. This will raise brand profile and drive new enquiries and sales via your client’s own activities and validation.

Harnessing social media into marketing is not a focus on technology but rather a focus on people. It’s not about control but about engagement. It’s not about throwing away all that works but rather harnessing the power of networks. 

Think people first!

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