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SYF News January 2012 - Franchise Newsletter

SYF News January 2012 - Franchise Newsletter

SYF News January 2012 Franchise Newsletter

Franchise Matching Service

Press release date: 27-Jan-2012

syf news january 2012

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Industry News

Joel Caws - Technical Director, Select Your Franchise
Joel Caws
Technical Director
Select Your Franchise

Franchise Opportunities from your Android phone or tablet
by Joel Caws Franchise Sales and Development in the UK

Franchise FinderSelect Your Franchise are pleased to present their first mobile app for Android devices!

For some years, we have provided a mobile enhanced website at www.franchisesuk.mobi which provides a much more mobile friendly user experience than our main website that is best viewed on desktop PC’s or laptops.

Our Franchise Finder app, goes one step further in providing an easy to use online matching service that hooks straight in with our mobile website. By simply entering your details into our app, you can get quickly to a list of franchises that match your criteria saving you time and effort, and best of all – you can use it anywhere on your Android powered phone or tablet.

The app also saves your details so that if you then decide you could trade in a neighbouring county, for example, you need only change the county within the app as all your previous details are already pre-filled.

Download the Franchise Finder app from the Android Store today. It’s completely FREE to use. Follow the link below or simply scan the code to the right with your Android device to go straight to it.

Scan the code above with your Android device

Click here to see the Franchise Finder app on the Android Market...

Franchising Issues

Cathryn Hayes
HSBC Head of Franchising

HSBC Franchise Unit -
New Year Review Tips for your franchise

by Cathryn Hayes in Franchise Finance

2012 is set to be another challenging year, with growth seen as a major concern for all of us.

The beginning of a New Year is a time when we think of changes that we hope will make our business leaner, more productive and more profitable. Here are our 2012 tips to consider for your franchise.

Maintain healthy cashflow

Effective cashflow management begins with minimising cost. Only buy what you need and bargain hard with suppliers. Aim to maximise your margins and sales. Ensure your invoices are sent out promptly and chase when due. Request deposits on order or cash on delivery for high-value sales and consider discounts for early payment. Get into the cashflow forecasting habit. It can help you identify potential cashflow crises in advance — and act to avoid them.

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Geoffrey Sturgess - Consultant Solkicitor, Warner Goodman Commercial
Geoffrey Sturgess - Consultant Solkicitor, Warner Goodman Commercial

The Problem with Online Directories
by Chris Roberts in Franchise Legal

Increasing use of on line directories by those seeking to buy services is undermining the efforts of franchisors to operate territory based franchise models for non-premises based franchisees.

Once upon a time customers looked for service providers in Yellow Pages and many franchisors still use Yellow Pages coverage areas as territory boundaries. It did not matter where the franchisee was based, as potential customers in his territory would find his contact details in their local Yellow Pages. It did not matter if he operated from a base in another franchisee’s territory as customers in that territory would not find him in their Yellow Pages or Thompson Local.

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Franchise Finance

Cathryn Hayes
HSBC Head of Franchising

Prospects for franchise lending in 2012
Cathryn Hayes in Franchise Finance

There can be no denying that 2011 has been a challenging year. However, HSBC lent at record levels to franchised businesses in 2011, and we are continuing to actively support the sector with the aim to further grow our lending book in 2012.

Banks are more likely to support a business with a well-researched and structured business plan, particularly those that demonstrate a strong understanding of their finances. Franchising has a number of advantages here. Although not recession-proof, the wide spectrum of sectors covered by franchising means that the UK franchise industry is likely to fare better in these difficult times. The failure rate for franchises is much lower than for standalone start ups. This is predominantly due to the support of the franchisor and other franchisees in the network, who can help new franchisees avoid the pitfalls associated with starting up a business.

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Up Coming Events

Mark Scott - Director Franchise Development, NatWest
Mark Scott - Director,
Franchise Development, NatWest

NatWest Sponsor the Encouraging Women into Franchising Awards 2012
Mark Scott in Franchise Industry News

EWIF 2012 AwardsI am delighted to announce that NatWest are the Lead Sponsors for the second year running, for the Encouraging Women into Franchising (EWIF) Awards 2012:-

The EWIF awards recognise the work and achievements of women, in all aspects of franchising during 2011 .

The individual Award Categories are as follows:

  • The NatWest Award for Woman Franchisee of the Year 2012
    Recognising the most successful woman franchisee during 2011 .
  • The Recognition Express Award for New Woman Franchisee of the Year 2012
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Your Reports


Customer Conversion Reports for December 2011 are available online in your campaign manager.

To view your report Login now. If you need assistance, or would like advice on how to improve your campaign please contact us at: info@selectyourfranchise.com