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SYF News February 2012 Franchise Newsletter

SYF News February 2012 Franchise Newsletter

SYF News February 2012

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Press release date: 2-Mar-2012

 syf news february 2012

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Get in direct contact with Franchise Prospects Everywhere
with the
The Select Your Franchise Webinars

Select Your Franchise Webinars


Select Your Franchise has an active database of +23,000 franchise active buyers at any one time. Our webinars give you access and influence to this valuable resource. The Webinars will focus on the subject of 'What to consider when buying a franchise'.

Focus will be education and influence through expert presentations (That means you!)

  • We market the webinar events
  • We train you how to engage
  • We get the audience
  • You present, influence and get the benefits!

There are ONLY FIVE presenter slots available for each of our 10 webinar events planned for 2012 so move fast to book your seat!

We launch on 14th March two days before the British and International Franchise Exhibition. Our database is highly active before major franchise exhibitions so this is a great time to engage with buyers.

Training will provided by Nick Strong to all participating franchisors and affiliates. You present remotely from your desk. All you need a computer with broadband and microphone/headset which costs under £5 (see example by clicking the link - bit.ly/headsetcost)

Remember Slots are limited 5 presenters for each Webinar.

CALL NOW for full package details and to book your place today!

02380 275710 or email: steve@selectyourfranchise.com

Franchising Issues

Fiona Boswell - Senior Associate Solicitor, Freeth Cartwright LLP
Fiona Boswell - Senior Associate Solicitor, Freeth Cartwright LLP

Top 5 Tips on the Smart Way to Resolve Disputes in Franchising
by Fiona Boswell in Franchise Legal

Successful franchising this year depends on  taking a smart approach to resolving your disputes.

1. Focus on the deal not the dispute

Courts are focussed on the dispute – mediation focuses on the deal. Mediation is  private – (no courts and potential bad publicity), cost effective – (no court costs orders); and fast – (no long waits for trials and court hearings).

If you choose to mediate you want to reach agreement rather than fall out.  Going to Court is confrontational – it is all about “winners and losers”. Mediation is about negotiation – it is taking a business approach to resolving tricky situations in a way that benefits both parties.

2. Act Early

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Geoffrey Sturgess - Consultant Solkicitor, Warner Goodman Commercial
Steven Frost - Partner,
Smith & Henderson

Satisfaction: The Key to Franchise Network Growth
by Steven Frost in Franchise Sales and Development in the UK

Franchisee satisfaction is not just a fluffy way of making franchise owners happier; it positively impacts every aspect of your business:

  • Engaged workers generate 43% more revenue (Hay Group)
  • 9 of 10 of the key barriers to successful change are people related (PWC)
  • Satisfied franchisees will refer new prospective franchisees and will speak highly of you when they are completing their due diligence
  • Most franchisees (or their teams) are responsible for delivering great customer service.  If they’re not satisfied you cannot expect your customers to be!

 Improving Franchisee Satisfaction

Like most key performance indicators, the first step in improving franchisee satisfaction is measuring it.  If often pays to have an independent company with specialist expertise to coordinate this for you, especially so you can reassure franchisees that their individual responses will be anonymous.  This way they’ll answer honestly so you receive a true picture of what’s working well and areas for improvement. 

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Up Coming Events

Cathryn Hayes
HSBC Head of Franchising

5 Reasons Why You Should Enter the bfa HSBC Franchisor of the Year Awards
by Cathryn Hayes in Franchise Industry News

The 2012 bfa HSBC Franchisor of the Year Awards, supported by Express Newspapers, is open for entries until 30 March 2012.  Franchising is continuing to perform strongly despite the challenging economic climate, and we would like to encourage UK franchisors of any size or sector to tell their stories and inspire the next generation of franchisors.

But what’s in it for you, as one of these successful franchisors? Here are my 5 reasons why you should enter these prestigious awards, open to bfa members only:

  1. It gives you a chance to evaluate your business and focus on your successes. To enter, franchisors need to provide a 1,000 word entry outlining the reasons why they should win. How often do you take the time to look at your business with a critical eye? Previous entrants have told me they have found entering a real boost as it has given them a chance to revisit successes.
  2. It can be a great talking point with franchisees and staff and it never hurts to tell people about the great things you do. This leads on from point 1 above – it can boost your confidence as a franchise and bring the whole network together. Preparing your awards entry will provide you with a short document to share with staff and franchisees and enable the whole network to remind themselves how successful they are!

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Richard Holden - Head of Franchising Lloyds TSB Commercial


Franchise Seminars Video
Watch this video to find out more or visit the website: franchise-seminars.

Are you looking for new ways to find franchisees in 2012?
Would you like access to over 800 prospective franchisees over the next 12 months?*

Are you good at recruiting franchisees from seminars and networking events?

Sponsored by LloydsTSB Franchise Seminars has been operating for 12 months. Based around the concept of the former ‘Franchise Alliance’, these educational evening 2.5hr seminars are operated fortnightly from Hilton hotels in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

Over the past year seminar attendance of prospective franchisees has averaged 60-100 in London and 25-35 in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. Our member franchisors have signed up franchisees directly from the seminars, although the seminars have not worked for all of the brands, hence we have some spaces for some new franchisor members for the next series.

To apply for more information you must meet the following criteria:

  • Standards: BFA accreditation, ideally full member status

  • Attendance: you must commit to attend the seminars for them to work for you

  • Commitment: 1 year (option to opt out after first 6 months)

  • Investment: £1k per month + VAT

The seminars and their promotion are professionally managed with complete transparency on the budget. All marketing activities are tracked for cost per lead, cost per confirmed booking and cost per attendee.

For more information in the first instance please contact Chris Cook on 01963 602002.

Richard Holden
LloydsTSB Banking Group

*based on actual attendance figures from the past 12 month seminar programme