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Lawn Care Franchise UK with LawnTender Limited - Home and Garden Franchise UK - Lawntender Limited franchise opportunity

Lawn Care Franchise UK
with LawnTender Limited

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Thinking about a change of career or lifestyle... or perhaps both?

We believe that LawnTender offers an excellent choice for individuals who are keen to develop a customer focused, professional business, which will deliver the opportunity to generate significant revenues and a healthy lifestyle.

Householders in the UK are now becoming aware of the benefits of using a company like LawnTender to provide regular schedules treatments to their lawns. And with approximately 18 million homes in the UK, the market potential is enormous and relatively untapped.

The proposition is clear – an expert service that costs less than doing it yourself, using specialist products to ensure a year round lush green lawn. Our goal is – No Weeds, No Moss, No Hassle!

Why LawnTender?

Since 2005 we have been expanding our business through business format franchising. Our approach and focus has been on creating a high quality, ethical franchise - enabling us to achieve Full Membership of the British Franchise Association (although we decided not to extend our membership). For potential franchisees we have proved that our business meets four key criteria: that the business is viable, franchisable, ethical and fully disclosed. Furthermore, we have a proven trading and franchising record. As a potential franchisee, this should be important to you as it shows we are a reputable franchisor.

As a franchisee for LawnTender, you will receive all the skills, equipment, support and training required to quickly establish and grow a differentiated lawn treatment service in your protected area. Although we are small, we pride ourselves on fully supporting our franchisees, providing the very best equipment and processes to help them make their own business a success.

Our franchise package

As a franchisee for LawnTender, you will receive all the skills, equipment, support and training required to quickly establish and grow a differentiated lawn treatment service in your protected area.

Our franchise package includes:

  • Extensive hands on training course on all aspects of lawn care, approximately 3 weeks
  • Full training on LawnTender bespoke customer software
  • Training course and qualification in safe use of chemicals
  • High quality aerator, scarifier, fertiliser spreader and sprayers
  • Vehicle preparation (signage and layout)
  • Launch marketing to over 60,000 potential customers

Do you want a change?

Our current franchisees are from quite different backgrounds but all wanted a complete change from their previous jobs and lifestyles.

Lawn Franchise UK Lawntender franchise opportunity

"...Now, three years on, we are running a successful and profitable business. It’s hard work, challenging and yet very rewarding. We have developed a large and regular customer data base. However, we cannot afford to be complacent, so when time permits, it is spent leaflet dropping and attending local shows in order to promote our business and attract new customers."
Sue and Kevin, LawnTender franchisees.


Garden Franchise Lawntender franchise opportunity

"...I purchased a franchise with LawnTender in 2007 and this now gives me a comfortable income that allows me to follow the lifestyle that I want. That said, the potential is there for me to expand the business to almost any level that I desire.

Without the training, IT support, marketing expertise, and product and equipment knowledge of LawnTender I might still be having that office based existence wondering what else I could turn my hand to!"

Rob, LawnTender franchisee.

How much does it cost?

We are offering our franchisees a large territory (well over 100,000 target households), full training in our system, comprehensive product pack (which unlike other companies includes the markets leading scarifier and aerator), and full marketing launch.

The financial cost of a franchise is £22,500
(plus VAT).

When comparing costs of franchises, please be aware that our equipment pack includes some of the most high performance products on the market. This high quality means that you will not need to replace them after a year or two, you will be able to provide the highest quality service and they will be a joy to use – not a pain!

Next steps

If you feel you would like to find out more about a LawnTender franchise after reading our brief introduction, please contact us and we can answer directly any initial questions you may have and provide some more advice for you to think about.

Generally, we would suggest the following steps:

  • Lawn care franchisees from the Lawntender franchiseContact LawnTender for an open and frank initial discussion on running your own business, the lawn care market and franchising in general.
  • Then arrange to meet us for a more in-depth understanding of our business, our practices, our training, our support, and importantly for us to see if you have the skills to run your own lawn care business with LawnTender.
  • Meet or talk to any of our existing franchisees; they can tell you first hand about the excellent support we provide and how they have found running their own lawn care business.
  • If you are still interested and if we feel you are right for our business, we will have final meetings and start to establish the legal engagement of our relationship.
  • Training will follow in all aspects of our business, marketing will be developed and implemented, and all equipment will be provided for you run a successful business of your own.

When you are up and running, we will always be there ready to support you through the development of your business. We often talk to our franchisees most weeks to discuss ideas, provide general business advice - or simply to have a chat about the weather!

Ready to Change?

Start now by contacting us...

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