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Kitchen Franchise UK - Dream Doors Franchise opportunity

Kitchen Franchise UK Dream Doors

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Earn a six figure income by year two with this
multi-award winning FULL BFA member franchise

What are you looking for in a franchise?

  • To escape from your current employment
  • To be the boss - and be in control of your future
  • To enjoy a fresh start after redundancy or retirement
  • To earn a high income - and build an asset to sell
  • To spend more time with your family, or work closer to home

You can have all of this running your own Dream Doors franchise.

And you
don't need any kitchen industry experience or practical skills.

So, who are Dream Doors?

With 50+ showrooms across the country, Dream Doors is the UK's largest and most successful kitchen facelift retailer.

Dream Doors FranchiseAverage annual sales from a franchised showroom is now £400,000. With your commitment and determination, and our proven business model, you can achieve more than £600,000 in yearly turnover and earn a six-figure income.

There are many reasons why the Dream Doors management franchise is built for your success. Importantly, our brand is built on ethical trading, integrity and award-winning support. We are:

  • Full members of the British Franchise Assocation (bfa)
  • Winners of the bfa's Brand Builder of Year 2008
  • Finalists in last year's bfa Franchisor of the Year Awards
  • Winners in the government-backed National Training Awards
  • SIX time winners in the Franchise Marketing Awards
  • Accredited by the independent monitoring scheme, Checkatrade

Dream Doors Awards 

Record sales and growth. Through the downturn and beyond!

Last year, the Dream Doors network achieved a 25 percent increase in sales, with some stellar monthly turnovers from franchisees, throughout the UK, including:

  • Salisbury - £86,779 in January
  • Stoke - £74,709 in February
  • Poole - £100,951 in March
  • Southampton - £78,855 in April
  • Lincoln - £90,665 in May
  • Chilterns - £88,889 in June
  • Walsall - £79,264 in July
  • Woking - £79,635 in August
  • Wealden - £83,773 in September
  • Worcester - £87,513 in October
  • Oxford - £137,051 in November
  • Croydon - £92,416 in December

Dream Doors continues to grow in 2014, with new showrooms opening in Maidstone in January, Warwick in February and Swindon in March.

Sales for established franchise owners grew by an average of 19% last year. But some showrooms did even better than that.

Dream Doors
Clive and Angela of Dream Doors Poole (pictured here) sold £806,207 in 2013 – up 85% on the previous year. While Dream Doors Stoke grew by 61% in their sixth year of trading.

Dream Doors Oxford increased their turnover by a more modest 28%. But they went on to top £1million in 2013 – the first franchise owners to clear a million pounds in sales in one year.

Network sales have doubled in the last three years, and trebled since the recession began back in 2008. That upward trend continues in 2014.

Why is there so much consumer demand for Dream Doors?

A kitchen facelift is popular with customers for three key reasons:
Dream Doors
    1.  It saves money – typically half the price of an average kitchen
    2.  It saves time – it can be fitted in just a day or two
    3.  It saves upheaval – which means much less mess in the home

And with 80% of customers in their 60s or older, Dream Doors has a core customer base that is growing, that is less affected by economic uncertainty and has disposable income to spend.

No kitchen experience needed. Why? Because, you'll never have to fit a kitchen!

Dream Doors helps you find the perfect kitchen installation team, who will typically work for you on a sub-contracted basis. That means you can focus on what you do best – meeting customers and running your business.

Dream Doors Franchisees

Dream Doors Norfolk's Helen and Philip Mahon have come a long way in the last seven years. Says Helen: “We'd never done anything like this before. Running a business, selling and working in the kitchen industry were all very new to us.
We had a steep learning curve in the first year, but it was an exciting challenge. And it was definitely the right career move; I’d never felt so excited, enthusiastic or inspired by work before!”

In the last two years Helen & Philip increased their sales by £200,000.


Training & Support

Our award winning training programme is vital to your success as a Dream Doors franchise owner. In addition to your induction training and ongoing in-territory support, you'll also be given business coaching in:

  • Sales*
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Customer care
  • Human resources
  • Time management
  • Best business practice
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Appliance and supplier training

* Dream Doors won a government-backed National Training Award for the strength and results of its sales training programme.

Ex-police officer, Kevin Clarke, of Dream Doors Teeside says: "Dream Doors provides plenty of training and support which is very helpful especially if, like myself, you don’t come from a sales or kitchen background."

Kevin's wife, Katrina, also an ex-police officer and now working full-time in the business agrees: “Dream Doors has delivered on every promise. I witnessed the downside of some disreputable business opportunities during my career, and can see what incredible support and training Dream Doors provides.”

Dream Doors Showroom and Brand Credibility Will Increase Your Sales

In the three months leading up to his showroom opening in Twickenham, franchise owner Stuart Douthwaite sold £30,000 of kitchen facelifts. In the six weeks after opening, he sold £100,000!

In their first six months working from home, Mike & Elaine Hurley sold £60,000.
In their first six months operating out of their showroom in Oxfordshire, they sold £480,000! Last year the Hurleys achieved record sales of more than £1,000,000!

Dream Doors Showrooms 

With staggered management services fees, Dream Doors will increase your returns

Dream Doors only gets paid when you get paid, through management services fees based on franchisees' turnover. These fees are reduced once annual targets are met, so that the more you earn, the less you pay.

What happens next?

Are you serious about running your own business?

Do you want to be part of the biggest name in its sector, and benefit from award-winning training and support?

Do you want to earn a six-figure income (some franchise owners have achieved that by year two, others by year three)?

If you are motivated, resilient and comfortable in a managerial role – and you have liquid capital of at least £30,000 to kick start your new business – our team would love to hear from you today.

Contact us today to find out more about this opportunity.

Read recent testimonials from Dream Doors Franchisees

Click on any article link to read the full franchise success story.

Dream Doors Franchisee Barry Payne: Back From a Broken Back
 Dream Doors Bristol, a franchise of the UK's largest kitchen facelift retailer, has traded on the city's Gloucester Road since 2009. Last year it was taken over by Barry Payne, a seasoned home-improvement professional with a remarkable story to tell.  Barry had spent the last seven years building his own property maintenance and con...Read more...

Dream Doors first million pound franchise
 OXFORD COUPLE ARE THE FIRST FRANCHISEES TO SELL  £1MILLION IN A CALENDAR YEAR    Dream Doors has been franchising for over a decade. The Hampshire-based company now has more than 50 showrooms nationwide, making it the UK's largest kitchen facelift retailer. Oxford franchisees, Elaine and Mike Hurley, have become the ...Read more...

Dream Doors training helps franchisee Alan Bates strike gold
 Alan Bates launched his Dream Doors franchise based in the Wealdon area of Kent and East Sussex back in 2006. And now, in the second term of his franchise agreement, he admits he continues to benefit from head office support, with 2010 and 2011 being his best years yet.  "I joined Dream Doors more than six years ago after takin...Read more...

Half Year Sales Up By Over 50 Percent Dream Doors Ltd
 10 Dream Doors Franchisees Top Quarter-of-a-Million Pounds   HALF-YEAR SALES UP BY OVER 50 PERCENT   In just six months, 10 Dream Doors franchisees have posted sales above £250,000. Many have taken in excess of £50,000 each month. And one showroom alone has sold over 100 kitchen facelifts worth more than £...Read more...

Kitchen Facelift Franchise Bucks Trend With 20 Percent Growth
 SALES OF £187,000 IN A SINGLE MONTH FOR OXFORD-BASED DREAM DOORS FRANCHISEES  Ex-IT director, Mike Hurley, and his wife, Elaine, a former Open University course manager, have been breaking records since they started their Dream Doors franchise just two years ago. At £615,000, their first year's turnover was more than thr...Read more...

Sales of 175K in first five months for Dorset based Dream Doors franchisees
 “We couldn't have asked for a better launch to the business. Everything has worked out exactly how we wanted.”    Partners, Clive Coldwell and Angela Lowe, hold the record for the quickest showroom opening in Dream Doors' 12 year history. Completing their initial training course in the week before Christmas, they ha...Read more...

Successful Franchises UK Dream Doors Ltd York
“Giving myself more leisure time will be one of the greatest measures of the success of this business, and is one of the main reasons I chose a Dream Doors management franchise.”  At 58, Barry Kent has had a rich working life. He has worked in management roles with leading international airlines, and is already a seasoned fran...Read more...

Successful Franchises Dream Doors Ltd Norfolk
 “I have never felt so excited, enthusiastic or inspired by work as I have in the last 6 months.” – Helen Mahon, Dream Doors Norfolk   Helen and Philip Mahon opened the doors to their Dream Doors Franchise showroom in Norwich on Friday 1st February with local radio celebrity, Helen McDermott there to cut the ribbon....Read more...

Huge sales for Dream Doors Truro
New Dream Doors franchisee sells £50,000 in first month Established Franchisees Report £120,000+ Net Profit  Susan de Mey opened her Dream Doors showroom in Truro on the last weekend in June. By the end of July she'd sold £50,000 of kitchen makeovers.   She admits there have been some stressful moments, bu...Read more...

Dream Doors opens first new showroom of 2013
A female franchise success story as ex-teacher becomes kitchen specialist.  Dream Doors, a Hampshire-based company that is now the UK's largest kitchen facelift retailer, opened its first showroom more than ten years ago. Since then it has grown into a national network of more than 40 franchised showrooms. The latest branch, owned by ex-t...Read more...

Elaine Ryan finds rewarding career with Dream Doors
 Three years ago, mother-of-four Elaine Ryan knew nothing about franchising. Working for ten years supporting children with special educational needs she felt ready for a change, but in what she didn’t know. Then, while having a coffee with her husband John at a franchise exhibition in London, she spotted the Dream Doors stand. &nbs...Read more...

Dream Doors first million pound franchise
 OXFORD COUPLE ARE THE FIRST FRANCHISEES TO SELL   £1MILLION IN A CALENDAR YEAR      Dream Doors has been franchising for over a decade. The Hampshire-based company now has more than 50 showrooms nationwide, making it the UK's largest kitchen facelift retailer. Oxford franchisees, Elaine and Mike Hurley, have become ...Read more...

Dream Doors opens new showroom in Worcester
Kitchen facelift franchise targets 50 outlets by end of 2013  The latest Dream Doors showroom celebrated its grand opening in Worcester on Saturday, with the city's Mayor, Councillor Pat Agar, there to cut the ribbon. Its owners, Dionne and Mark Battin, were cooking up something special to mark the occasion too - literally. While not pers...Read more...

Four awards in one night for Dream Doors Oxford
 Tears and champagne flow for Dream Doors Oxford as fourth award announced  Elaine and Mike Hurley, franchisees for Dream Doors Oxford, were thrilled last week when they received an unprecedented four awards at the Dream Doors Annual Conference in Portsmouth.   In addition to their three trophies from last year, the Hu...Read more...

500th Customer Review For Dream Doors Showroom
 Dream Doors Dorchester, a franchise of the UK's largest kitchen facelift retailer, has just had its 500th customer testimonial posted on the consumer monitoring website, Checkatrade.com. Launched in 2005 by Dorset locals Andy and Shelley Stewart, Dream Doors Dorchester is one of the oldest showrooms in a brand that now boasts more than 40 fra...Read more...

Seamus and Kate Hackett launch Dream Doors franchise in Hailsham
 Seamus and Kate Hackett, who opened their showroom in Hailsham, Sussex, on a Friday 13th, have had some good fortune in the last few months. Finding a high-street location, an experienced fitter, and securing the mayor to cut the ribbon has helped them successfully launch their business. But despite the couple being experienced business owner...Read more...

Dream Doors Franchise Couple Guildford Woking franchisees Gary and Hayley Ashe
New Dream Doors franchisees sell £120,000 in their first two months.

“We're so busy right now and every other appointment is leading to a sale!” 

Dream Doors Guildford & Woking franchisees, Gary & Hayley Ashe, opened their showroom within six months of emigrating from South Afric...Read more...

Franchise Couple Mike and Elaine UK Dream Doors Ltd Oxford

Dream Doors franchisee sells £187,000 in a single month   "We've smashed last year's figures already, selling more in a month than some do in a year."    Sales of £187,000 in September 2011, including £69,000 in just ONE DAY!   As if a turnover of more than...Read more...

Recent Franchise News Articles from Dream Doors

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Dream Doors franchise sells 214000 in a single month
17-Jul-2014 -  More records broken by the kitchen facelift franchise's Oxford branch   Dream Doors Oxford franchisees, Mike and Elaine Hurley, sold £214,000 of kitchens and kitchen makeovers in June. The couple, who opened their Abingdon-based showroom four years ago, set the previous monthly record of £187,000 back in September 2...Read more...

Four Dream Doors franchisees achieve six-figure sales in a single month
27-Jun-2014 -  In May this year, a record four Dream Doors franchisees topped £100,000 in monthly sales. Six-figures had been reached in a single month before but, until this year, only three franchisees had ever managed it – and never at the same time.  The year started well when, in January, two franchisees broke through the £1...Read more...

Dream Doors Wins 7th Franchise Marketing Award
24-Mar-2014 -  Dream Doors has won 'Best Online Marketing Campaign' in this year's Franchise Marketing Awards (FMAs). Shortlisted in three categories, this is the seventh trophy the kitchen facelift franchise has won in the last eight years. The company, a finalist for 'Best Website' and 'Best Franchisee Marketing Support' trophies as well, has notched up a...Read more...

Dream Doors Makes Franchise Marketing Awards Finals for 8th Year Running
10-Mar-2014 -  Dream Doors has reached the Franchise Marketing Awards finals (FMAs) for the eighth year in a row. Two years after winning the last of its six FMA trophies, the kitchen facelift retailer has been shortlisted for 'Best Website' and 'Best Online Marketing Campaign', as well as 'Best Franchisee Marketing Support', an award the company won three ...Read more...

Maidstone Mayor opens latest Dream Doors showroom
5-Feb-2014 -  COUNCILLOR CLIVE ENGLISH TOASTS FRANCHISE OWNERS  AND WELCOMES NEW TOWN CENTRE INVESTMENT  Dream Doors Maidstone celebrated its showroom opening last Thursday. Franchise owners Stuart and Lisa Hewitt hosted an early champagne reception, welcoming dozens of customers and local residents through the doors. The Mayor of Maidstone ...Read more...

Awards galore for Dream Doors franchisees
29-Jan-2014 -  Dream Doors held its 11th Annual Conference in Hampshire last month. Winners of the top prize, Oxford franchisees Elaine and Mike Hurley, closed out the year with just over a million pounds of sales. Second place went to Dorset-based Clive Coldwell and Angela Lowe, who posted an annual turnover of more than £800,000. The bronze award we...Read more...

Dream Doors launches new website
19-Dec-2013 -  KITCHEN FACELIFT RETAILER COMPLETES ITS OWN ONLINE MAKEOVER  Dream Doors, the UK's largest kitchen facelift retailer, launched its new website this week. The Gosport-based company, which now has 50 franchise-owned showrooms nationwide, specialises in time and money-saving kitchen makeovers. The new website takes its design cues from...Read more...

Dream Doors recruits in territory sales support manager
26-Sep-2013 - Top closer now available to all 50 franchisees  Experienced kitchen salesman Andy Hart has taken on a new challenge. After spending six years heading up the sales for Dream Doors' company-owned outlet in Hampshire, he's now travelling the country supporting its franchisees. He joins established franchise managers Bryn Jones and Deena Gars...Read more...

Dream Doors launches new iPad App
19-Sep-2013 -

Franchisee secures £4,500 sale hours after downloading  It's been in development stage since the beginning of the year. It cost over £30,000 to design and build. And now Dream Doors' iPad App is available to download, free of charge, through iTunes.   The App features a standard L-shaped kitchen tem...Read more...

Dream Doors finalists in bfa Franchisor of the Year Awards
25-Apr-2013 - Kitchen facelift franchise amongst six brands shortlisted - winners to be announced in July  It's the biggest event in franchising's calendar. The annual awards that celebrate the very best franchised businesses in the UK. And this year former Brand Builder of the Year, Dream Doors, has been shortlisted for the top prize – the B...Read more...

Dream Doors shortlisted for three Franchise Marketing Awards
21-Mar-2013 -  Kitchen facelift franchise makes the finals for the  seventh year running  Dream Doors has reached the finals in three of this year's Franchise Marketing Awards (FMAs). The awards are given to franchised brands that can demonstrate clear marketing guidance and support for franchisees, as well as innovation and measurable im...Read more...

Online investment increases Dream Doors franchisee sales by 50 percent
20-Nov-2012 -  Sales made by Dream Doors franchisees are up 50% in 2012 - previously it had taken three years to achieve this level of growth. With this achievement, Dream Doors beats an industry-wide downward trend. This success is largely due to Dream Doors' online innovation.  In 2010, less than 5% of franchisees' sales came from online leads. ...Read more...

Dream Doors Celebrates A Decade In Franchising
22-Oct-2012 -

The story behind the UK's largest kitchen facelift retailer  It was at the National Franchise Exhibition in Birmingham back in October 2002 that Dream Doors first showcased its innovative kitchen door replacement concept. Started in Hampshire three years before that, it had built up a healthy local reputation and piloted...Read more...

10 franchisees top quarter of a million pounds already this year
5-Jul-2012 -  10 franchisees top quarter-of-a-million pounds already this year    Since January, 10 Dream Doors franchisees have posted sales above £250,000.     Some have taken in excess of £50,000 each month. And one has sold over 100 kitchen facelifts worth more than £400,000.     In just six month...Read more...

More Training for Dream Doors Franchisees
10-May-2012 -  COURSES IN MANAGEMENT AND STAFF TRAINING ADDED AS FRANCHISEES TAKE ON MORE STAFF  Dream Doors, the kitchen facelift retailer and recent winner of the 'Best Overall Marketing Campaign' at this year's Franchise Marketing Awards, has added two more courses to its award-winning training programme.   Franchisees can now send th...Read more...

Franchise Resales for Dream Doors

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Established and profitable Dream Doors franchise in Essex for sale
 Dream Doors Leigh On Sea is now on the market.  The business has been put up for sale as the current owners operate two Dream Doors franchises. They are struggling to run both businesses to a high standard, and know that focussing on one will deliver a better work-life balance and, ultimately, a higher profi...Read more...

Well established Dream Doors franchise in East Sussex For Sale
Dream Doors Rye is a franchise of the UK's largest kitchen facelift retailer. Based in the historic market town of Rye, it has been trading since the beginning of 2006. And now, the business is for sale.



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