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Franchise Tip 10: Running a Successful Franchise Business

November 16th, 2010 by Joel Caws in Franchise Sales and Development in the UK

Joel Caws - Technical Director, Select Your Franchise

Welcome to our final Franchise Tip. If you would like to read our whole series of 10 Franchise Tips then you can click here to view them all.

We have covered the process all the way through to first considering a franchise to opening up shop so we just wanted to take a moment to consider how to best to be a successful franchisee and to really make your new franchise business work for you. So we will look at a few areas to consider:-

Stick to the Proven Franchise System

We have mentioned several times during our franchise tips the importance of the franchise business’ proven system. It forms the heart of the franchise and is the formula that leads to success. As a good franchisee, sticking closely to the system is one of the best ways you can ultimately be successful.

Work Hard

Be under no illusions: A business requires dedication and hard work! This is simple logic really. Work hard, be pro-active and you will reap the rewards of your work. Sit about all day waiting for the phone to ring and you will fast find yourself struggling.

Retain your Enthusiasm and Motivation

All businesses have good days and bad days. It’s easy to run a business when things are going smoothly. The real test will be how you handle the bad days. Successful business owners aren’t afraid to make mistakes, however they learn quickly from them and get up quickly from a fall with even more determination than before they went down. It’s really about a state of mind and the overriding determination to be a success. Believe in your business and believe in yourself!

Sell, sell, sell!

I have yet to find a business that doesn’t sell something (though if you know of one let me know!). Of course there are different ways to present goods and services but ultimately money is made by buying and selling. Some things are easier to sell than others as some appeal to basic human needs (food for instance) and don’t require buyers to think much beyond ‘what to choose’ rather than ‘whether to buy’. Other goods and services may need a little more convincing to show a buyer why they might need a particular service or product. Whatever type of product or goods you sell, make selling your number one goal! Don’t get sidetracked into paperwork or activity that doesn’t actually make money. Make sales targets and go for it! The more you sell, ultimately the more you will make.

We hope this series of franchise tips has helped you on your way. Our aim was to help you be as informative as possible if you are considering franchising as your route to starting up in business. We hope that this may give you insight and a head start to get you well on your way to trading a profitable franchise business.

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