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Could a Franchise be your route out of Unemployment?

July 15th, 2011 by Joel Caws in Franchise Sales and Development in the UK

Joel Caws - Technical Director, Select Your Franchise

For those who have found themselves out of work due to redundancy or company closure, it can be a challenge to find your way into a new job especially when opportunities are difficult to come by and rivalry for them is high. It can be discouraging when you reflect on the current high unemployment rate which is a result of the aftermath of the recent recession.

The overall good news is that a franchise opportunity might be a way back into work and making a fresh start for those who have found themselves in the unemployment trap. Here are some the advantages  of a franchise:-

Work to a proven business model

Around 90% of franchise business owners claim that they’re running profitably according to annual bfa/Natwest annual surveys.

Get back into work

A way to get back into work escaping an endless string of visits to job centres, employer interviews, etc.

Work for yourself but not by yourself

A franchise is your own enterprise, though you’ve got the backup and support of the franchise owner.

Low Entry Level Choices

Many low cost franchises could be setup for under £10K – inside the reach of virtually everyone whos got a credit card or can acquire a small amount of finance.

Broad selection

You can find a franchise business option for just about any industry you can think of together with hairdressing, beauty treatments, restuarants, photography, consultancy, design & print, bookkeeping, home maintenance business opportunities, etc.

It is clear that choosing from a range of franchise opportunities could be a fantastic opening if you have found yourself jobless. Remember  that, comparable to any business, running a franchise demands working hard and plenty of dedication. If you have the correct attitude and willpower to succeed, you could find yourself sitting on a successful business which can support you and all your family.  There are several resources on the web to help you start your research for the suitable franchise system for you. The best place to start is often to browse from a franchise directory which can give you some ideas and initial insight into what franchise might appeal to you and that may be within your budget.


2 Responses to “Could a Franchise be your route out of Unemployment?”

  1. Michael Hayes Says:

    I believe this is the road to take for many people. With so many companies out of business it’s slim picking to find a good paying job. Buying the right franchise, in many instances, will offer some people an opportunity to earn more than they did at their previous place of employment. I also believe that the franchise industry could be a step on the economic gas pedal to start creating more jobs for those that may not be able to afford a franchise themselves.

  2. Joel Caws Says:

    Thanks for your comments Michael… The franchise industry continues to contribute more and more to the economy with each passing year… a very encouraging trend (even considering the recent recession). Certainly I think many of those out of work could well find a new future with the right franchise business.