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Winter and WORLD CUP 2018 woe

Dan Archer - Franchise Development Director, X-Press Legal Services - Director, BFA

Dan Archer - Franchise Development Director, X-Press Legal Services - Director, BFA

It could be the empty feeling as the rest of the country gets snow and in the North West we don’t. It could be the disappointment of the unsuccessful World Cup 2018 bid but I find myself writing this without my usual joie de vivre. My inherent militant vigour has also deserted me and at the moment I would probably lose a debating competition with a “tuition fee” rioting student.

It is at times like this that I have the fortunate position that every franchisor occupies to fall back on. As a franchisor, at times of reduced enthusiasm and moments of questionable motivation, I have the luxury of turning to the boundless commitment of franchisees for inspiration.

Problems with snow? Not for the franchisees of X-Press Legal Services who have cleared driveways, braved the elements and risked hypothermia to keep their businesses running smoothly. Frustrated by the international politics and duplicity of the FIFA voting process, then take solace in the straight forward way that a franchisee wants to know, how can I do more, better and quicker.

I have suffered the rank apathy of large corporate businesses, occupied by thousands of employees who are happy to maintain the status quo. Franchising’s biggest benefit as a structured business format is that franchisees do challenge received wisdom and push the boundaries of proven methodologies, by doing so they improve systems and benefit businesses.

McDonalds’ biggest selling product world wide is the Big Mac, this item is a classic example of a franchisee pushing the boundaries and a franchisor having a system in place to trial, evaluate and incorporate the ideas that improve the system. Franchisors provide a structure and good franchisees provide skill, capital and enthusiasm which cannot be matched in either standalone SME’s or large corporates.

Many considering franchising for the first time miss the importance of a passion for the franchise business that they will be running. Money is important and return on investment is why you are doing it (in most cases) but the desire to throw off the duvet on even the most wintry of mornings is the ace in the hole of your business, something that we explore in a series of free educational seminars on franchising:

So as I return to a more positive place inspired by franchisees’ tales of triumph over meteorological adversity and mini victories at a local level over council bureaucracy what does it all mean? I suppose it means that franchising can beat the weather and enthusiasm can overturn most forms of politicking, but FIFA remains a lore unto itself.

Have fun (throws a snowball).

Dan Archer is Franchise Development Director for X-Press Legal Services and is a Board Member of the British Franchise Association. You can follow Dan on twitter by visiting


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