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2 Minutes to find your Franchise Match

New seminar ‘Google and Social Media – It’s All Change’ in September

August 28th, 2014 by Maria Santos in Franchise Marketing

Select Your Franchise is once again teaming up with Warner Goodman to launch a new seminar ‘Google and Social Media – It’s All Change’, an initiative included in the Internet Profitability Programme.

As you probably already know, an effective online strategy is currently the key to empower your company, enabling you to create new business and to build on existing client relationships. This programme wants to help Directors and Decision Makers to unlock the secrets to online profit!

After the first seminar (which happened in July), we are organising a new event in September. This free introductory seminar will happen in Southampton, in Warner Goodman’s offices, on two different dates: Wednesday 3rd September and Thursday 4th September.

To book your place send us an email ( or call 023 8027 5710 between Monday and Friday, 9am to 5pm.


The power of public speaking

August 27th, 2014 by Sally Anne Butters in Franchise Marketing
Sally Butters is Director of Media at Coconut Creatives

Sally Butters is Director of Media at Coconut Creatives

Public speaking at exhibitions can be nerve-wracking and for most franchisors it is not their favourite part of franchise recruitment but it is a valuable and extremely effective way to generate those all-important leads.

Being nervous before giving a speech is natural and many franchisors will avoid public speaking or pass the job on to one of their team so that they don’t have to put themselves through it. However, speaking at exhibitions will not only help you draw in more prospects, it will also set you above your competition and choosing the best person for the job is very important.

Why speak at exhibitions?

Speaking at a franchise exhibition or industry event will attract those prospects who are curious to know more about you, your expert knowledge and your franchise opportunity. Whether that is directly to your stand or from a formally advertised speaking slot and then on to your stand, those who may not have wanted to approach you directly can feel more comfortable about engaging with you on a one-to-on basis after hearing you talk.

Franchisors who speak at exhibitions tend to leave with more high quality leads than those that don’t – if they do it right! Don’t forget that if the person delivering that talk for your brand isn’t vibrant, engaging, natural and well versed, then you could put prospects off rather than draw them in! So, no reading from slides, crumpled pieces of paper and definitely make sure your speaker knows the franchise inside out.

Scheduled speaking slots

Taking on a scheduled speaking slot that is available throughout the course of an exhibition is a great way to put yourself and, most importantly, your franchise in the limelight. If the speaking slot is scheduled, you will also have a profile in the exhibition’s show guide which will give prospects a great chance to schedule your slot into their day if they’re genuinely interested.

For these slots, make sure that you choose a topic that is educational and is not purely a sales pitch. Although it is a great opportunity to sell your franchise to gathered prospects, it’s also a great opportunity to set yourself as an expert in your industry. By speaking on a topic that is linked to your franchise, but is not openly selling your franchise, prospects will begin to trust you and want to speak to you personally. Make sure you finish your slot with a call to action. This will drive people back towards your stand and result in great follow-up conversations. Maybe you could offer them a free information pack or expert guide if they head over to your stand?

Speaking on stand

A speaking slot scheduled on your stand can be much shorter and more salesy so you can focus on selling your franchise opportunity. This slot can be around 5-10 minutes and can be repeated at regular intervals throughout the day. These slots will capture exhibition visitors’ attention and bring a stream of people over to your stand over the course of the day and help you to have quality conversations with people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Capture your audience

Being memorable means that you are more likely to have great conversations when you’ve finished your speaking slot. Make sure that your talk is interesting and represents your brand and franchise in the best possible light but also try to keep it fairly simple and concise! This will ensure more people stick around to find out more. It’s also a great idea to find a way to get contact details from prospects whilst you are talking to them, give them a reason to hand over their details such as offering an expert guide or more information on your upcoming discovery days. There’s no point having a good conversation if you can’t contact them later!

Follow up leads

The follow up is almost as important as the actual speaking slot. Before you even book your speaking slot, you need to plan how you’re going to follow up on those all-important leads. This will ensure that you and your team will be ready to follow your plan of action as soon as you all return to the office. Time is of the essence and you don’t have time to come up with a plan after the exhibition has taken place. Will you be inviting your prospects to a discovery day, emailing them an exclusive offer or sending over your latest newsletter?

Sally Anne Butters is Head of Media at Coconut Creatives, a marketing agency that works with Franchisors to create a strategy that fits with their objectives, skillset and budget.


Leads that are not yet enquiries and leads that are soon to be buyers: spot the difference!

August 20th, 2014 by Nick Strong in Franchise Industry News

Young businessman doing paperwork with futuristic backgroungThe new internet era, that combines advertising and social comment, is here and it is here to stay. So how does that affect advertisers and their clients?

Buyers are becoming savvier than ever. They are learning that seller claims can be verified or undermined by public comment through social media and industry ratings websites. More and more visits to adverts, both on and offline, prompt further investigative research around the internet. This impacts on the seller as they are less in control of information in the selling process. It may be said that a sales prospectus in now everything that exists about a brand in media and through the internet this can be quickly located. It also impacts on the advertiser as historically they have found it difficult to verify and quantify this new buyer empowered activity.

Advertisers have historically been judged by lead output numbers by their clients. However the point of information discovery is now, more often than not, the starting point for further research that goes beyond the advertiser’s owned platforms. This further research may produce a better qualified enquiry or it may stop a lead being generated with no knowledge to the seller as to why. So what can be done to close the information gap?

Select Your Franchise is on the cusp of releasing its new site that will close the information gap. Our site will offer access to any site you want prospects to visit. This will allow them to further research your opportunity. It will give access to the people behind the brand including franchisees, who the franchisor may invite to rate the franchise in a ‘tripadvisor’ manor. In short, a one-stop-shop for researching your franchise in detail. But how can this be measured?

Every visitor to our site that shows interest in your franchise has a number of engagement options which will include: reading your copy, visiting your website and social sites and becoming a formal enquiry via our website. To do any of these things, the interested party must first log into our site via their social media settings of choice. For every investigative action they take our site will notify the franchisor about the prospect’s activity around their brand.

This will provide two lead types

  1. A not yet formal enquiry lead
  2. A formal enquiry lead

How do you follow up these leads?

Start by considering the prospect and where they are in the buying journey. What do you know about them? What verifiable research have they done so far? What messaging should you produce and forward to facilitate next steps to your mutual benefit?

Historically there were just two steps in the sales process, these being:

(A) a prospect reads advertising copy
(B) a lead is generated or not

Today there are multiple steps between A and B. Being able to communicate with people that are at the ‘not yet formal enquirers stage, those between A and B, gives the opportunity for the franchisor to provide further informative content in order to assist the would-be enquirer make that step.

The process becomes more of a partnership and relationship-building activity between the advertiser, the seller and the buyer with all collaborating to gain a measurable outcome. A social and understanding experience before the formal enquiry is made. This turns the discovery process on its head and focuses on making every enquiry into a well-informed and committed buyer at the point of becoming a lead.

More steps and educational white papers will follow on how to make the most of this new and exciting opportunity.


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